The Search section allows you to search across all the files in the repository and find information instantly.

Search results

You can search using the search bar at the top of the page. By default, it will perform a full-text search within all the files across the repository that you have selected.

After performing a search, you can see a list of search results. Search results can be sorted by any of the column headings, but the most relevant one is the score column.

When you click on a search result, you will see all the coincidences of the words you searched for within each document, highlighting the results directly.

The search Navigation pane shows you all the repositories, and within each repository you have the following filters and search options:


You can filter or search by folder. When you click on a folder you will see results within that folder and all subfolders. If you click on Folder 1 without searching for any word in the search bar, you will see all the files in Folder 1 and all its subfolders, so you can browse a list of all files in a path. This is especially helpful when you are looking for a file and don't remember the folder when it is located, so you can easily see all files without having to browse folder by folder.


You can filter and search by tags or combination of tags. When you click on more than one tag, you are performing a search using the OR search operator with those tags.

File type

You can filter and search by file type. We have selected the most used file types to provide a direct access to the search functionality. If the search type that you are looking for is not included here, you can perform a search by file type directly in the search bar with the parameter: filetype:"pptx"