Synergy References is a modern reference manager to organize research and make references and citations, integrated with Synergy Drive, Reader and thorough the Synergy references Office add-in.

Insert a reference

If you wish to reference information from a PDF and link that to a Word or Excel file you start by ensuring that the PDF is stored on the Synergy Drive. Open the PDF on Synergy Reader (which is the default with any files on Synergy) and select the passage of information or figure you wish to reference using your mouse left-click. Once you have selected the content, two options will appear: Highlight and Reference. Click on Reference.

The information will now be stored on the clipboard. Go into your Word or Excel file and click on the Synergy Reference plug-in button in either Word or Excel, which will open the application in the right-hand sidebar. You will find the selected information taken from the PDF in the "insert" section of the sidebar.

Select where you would like the information to go before you click "insert reference" on the right-hand side. This action will copy the information into the file. You may want to paraphrase or alter the text by simply clicking into the text and edit the content. Once you have made the desired changes, you can navigate your referenced elements in the right-hand sidebar under "references" in the Synergy Reference plug-in. Click on any of them and the original source of the should appear with the information highlighted.