Synergy's Compare function allows you to compare two files or different file versions. The application produces a view that highlighting what others have inserted, deleted or moved in the Microsoft Word documents you work on.

Synergy Compare integration in Synergy Drive

Synergy's Compare is directly integrated in Synergy Drive. There are two ways to use the compare function.

Compare Versions of the same file

If you would like to compare, for example "Version 1.00" and "Version 1.05" of a file, all that you need to do is to select the relevant Versions that you wish to compare in the details pane and click the compare button.

Compare separate files

Whilst this is less frequently used, you may wish to compare separate files (for instance a copy of a file vs the original). In order to do that you need to ensure that both files sit in the same folder, then simply select both files and click on the compare button in the top-bar.

In both scenarios a screen will appear that will allow you to choose whether you wish to see the changes highlighted as a PDF or within Microsoft Word. The resulting "blacklining" of the document can easily be copied or converted into a PDF and attached to an email or instant message