With Synergy, you can easily and securely share folders with external users.

External users

External users are external user accounts from individual users or users from other companies. When you share externally, those people might already have a Synergy account or not.

  • Current users of Synergy: if the external user already has a Synergy account, they will receive an email with the notification to accept or deny the invite to the folder. Once they accept, they will immediately see the new folder under the External section of the Synergy Drive application.
  • New users of Synergy: people who do not have a Synergy account will receive an email with an activation link to create a free Personal account. Once they activate their account they will be able to collaborate with you on the shared folder

Invite external users to a folder

You can invite external collaborators to a folder when they need edit permissions and persistent access to the content. When you invite a collaborator, they will access that folder directly from their Synergy Drive application.

To invite external users, you can click on the Sharing button and go to the external sharing tab. From there, you can insert their email address and they will receive an email notification to access the shared folder. You will also receive an email notification once they have accepted or rejected the invite.

You can send a shared link to a folder or file to anyone, providing them with read-only access through the Synergy Drive web interface to view and download the files. It provides the same functionality as sending files by email as attachments. When you create the public link you can define the duration of the link, up to a maximum of 30 days.

Invite to a file (coming soon)

You can invite external collaborators to specific files when they need edit permissions to specific files. The difference with the previous option, is that the user must log in into Synergy in order to access those individual files, which will appear in the "Shared files" section.