The Offline mode sections allows you to work offline and then sync your files back to the central repository.

Offline mode

Synergy Drive is designed for the needs of large organizations with millions or even billions of files and folders. Consequently, the Offline Mode is designed differently than that of consumer cloud storage products. As a users you may only save a limited number of files for offline working. This is for security and compliance reasons. The specific details are defined by each individual company policy.

In the File Explorer section, you can select the files you want to work on when you are not connected to the internet (for example flight or other types of travel). Once the files are selected simply right-clicking on the items, and selecting: "Save for offline mode". The files are then downloaded onto your local computer. Whilst they download you will see a sync icon while they download. Once this process is completed, a green dot indicates that your files are available for offline mode.

When the Drive applications detects that it is offline, a message appears in the Drive application and gives the option to go to the Offline Mode section.

In the Offline Mode section, you can browse and open the files that have been saved for working offline

Once you open, edit and save files, that file will appear on the Pending uploads sub-section. You can open and edit that offline file as many times as needed while offline, and once you are back online, those files will be automatically uploaded to Synergy Cloud and saved as a Draft version. Then you will have the option to save it as a version from the versions tab.

If you want to remove files from the offline mode, simply right clicking on them and select: "Online mode only".

If you are intending to work on files in the offline mode (if you are flying for example), you may want to consider locking the file so that nobody else makes unwanted to changes to the document. In order to do this, simply right-click on the relevant files and select "Lock". In addition we recommend that you add a comment in the details pane, so that other collaborators have context as to why they should not edit the file (for example: Please do not touch this file, I am making changes whilst on the plane and working offline).

Cache files

In the Cache files sub-section, you can see the most recent files that have been opened on the computer. Those files are downloaded into a cache directory, to improve performance when reopening the same file. Cache files policies are defined by company policy for security and compliance reasons. The Cache files are automatically deleted by the application, but can also be deleted manually by selecting the items, right-clicking and selecting "Online mode only".

Pending uploads

The Pending uploads sub-section shows the file that have been edited while offline. Once the computer is back online, those files will be uploaded to Synergy Cloud and be saved as draft versions.