Create new folders and Microsoft Office files (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) directly in the folder you are browsing.


The Upload menu has two options:

  • Folders: to open your operating system file picker to select folders.
  • Files: to open your operating system file picker to select files.

You can also upload folders and files using drag and drop. Drag a folder or file from your computer and drop it in the Synergy Drive application.


Open files with your operating system default application for that typefile.

For Microsoft Office files, the lock and unlock functionality is performed automatically. When you open a file, the file is locked, and when you close it, it is unlocked.


Download individual files or a selecction of files. Folder downloads are not allowed by default, but can be configured by your company administrator in the Admin Center. You can also export individual files from the Synergy Drive application using drag and drop.


Download a file and prepare it to be attached or exported, selecting the naming of the file (the default option is Filename + Version). After that, you can drag and drop the file anywhere or directly paste in any application.


Create a duplicate file (without version history).

Private Shortcut

Creates a shareable link to easly locate files and folders in your repository. You can share the shortcut with your colleagues and it will open the Synergy Drive application and will locate and select the shared file or folder.


Tag individal files or a selecction of files.


Rename a folder or file. You can also access the rename functionality with a shortcut using the key F2.


Open the details pane in the Versions tab.

Lock / Unlock / Force Unlock

Manually lock and unlock files. You can also force unlock files locked by other users.

Save for Offline Mode

Save files for offline mode.

Online Mode Only

Remove files from offline mode.


Send files to the trash.