Synergy Drive is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to access, manage, and share files. Synergy Drive has native applications for Windows and Mac.

There are 5 main areas in the Drive application:

  1. Toolbar: includes the navigation bar and the buttons for the main folder and file actions.
  2. Tabs: navigation across the different sections of the Drive application.
  3. Navigation pane: the area to browse the different sections in the Drive app.
  4. Main view: shows the main of view of the section. For example, in the File Explorer section, the main view will show you the file view whereas in the Search section, the main view will show you search results.
  5. Details pane:shows all the details about selected files, including basic information, metadata, file versions,file comments, and annotations.


The toolbar includes the navigation bar and the buttons for the main folder and file actions.


Tabs are used for navigation across the different sections of the Drive application:

  1. File Explorer
    : primary section to access, manage, and share your files.
  2. Recent Files
    : shows the latest 20 files that have been viewed or edited by the user in each repository.
    : shows all the files that the user have marked as bookmarks in each repository.
  4. Search
    : allows you to search across all the files in the repository and find information instantly.
  5. Smart Folders
    : allows you to access saved searches easily. A smart folder is a always updated search query saved as a folder.
  6. Tags
    : allows you to set up, browse and organize the tag structure for the repository
  7. Offline Mode
    : allows you to work offline and then sync your files back to the central repository.

The Navigation pane shows:

  • Repositories: the repositories you have have been granted access either as admin or user
  • Folder navigation: under each repository, you can browse the folder structure of the repository
  • Shared files: the individual files from other repositories that have been shared with you

Main view

The Main view shows in the first line the column headings, with the titles of each of the columns displayed in the folder and file list. Click on any column heading to sort your folders and files by that column.

After the headings, the Main view shows the folder and files list. You can check the view you are browsing by looking at either the Navigation pane or the address bar.

Details pane

Synergy Drive allows files to store advanced file metadata, which is information related to a file. For example, date created, date modified and file size are examples of very basic file metadata. In standard Windows and Mac files, the information you can store as metadata is very limited. With Synergy Drive you have the ability to store additional metadata to better organize your files and to enable advanced uses cases such as tags, comments, versions, advanced search & filters, and citations.

The Details pane shows the file metadata across several tabs:

  • Info
  • Details
  • Versions
  • Annotations

You can find more details about the details pane in the File Explorer section of the user guide.