Rely on Synergy for your IT support needs, including 24/7 support, help desk for Synergy and Office suite, but also for the design and execution of bespoke solutions for your organization.

IT Support helps you to outsource and extend your IT internal team and provide you with end user IT help desk.

Synergy provides different levels of support:

  • Broze: limited to urgent issues for SaaS customers
  • Silver: support with defined SLAs in one time zone (Americas, EMEA or Asia) for SaaS customers
  • Gold: support with the fastest response time and stringent SLAs for SaaS customers across all zones with our 24/7 support
  • Platinum: custom support solutions for managed and self-managed deployments

Synergy also provides help desk for the key products that every organization needs in professional services: operating system maintenance (Windows, Mac OS), Microsoft Office, email server maintenance (Office 365, Google G Suite), and web hosting

If you are interested in learning more, please reach out using the chat functionality or by email: